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By | June 19, 2018

Land Surveying Equipment in Use Today-A Helpful Guide

Ever since men discovered the need to hold onto their land, there’s been a need to conduct land surveys. There were surveying tools which have been made to measure land. However, these were not used for long and did not last until the middle age. There was high interest n holding onto land during this time. The landowners wanted to understand how much land they had to ensure their land ownership.

The majority of the land surveying gear we use now are just like those which were utilized previously, but they have some significant updates. In the technological age we are in, this type of equipment is undergoing some drastic changes.

The majority of the gear utilized in land surveying found their way into this technologically advanced era. One of the most commonly known land surveying gear is the theodolite. This enables one to measure both vertical and horizontal measurements. This gear was used a great deal throughout the nineteenth century.

Even as recent as ten years ago, the theodolites were the most technologically advanced equipment used for doing a wide variety of surveys. More enhancements have been made like making the theodolite digital. The digital theodolite goes by the acronym EDM that stands for the electronic measurement apparatus. They are no longer the survey tool which they once were. They may also have some PC components along with the software to run them.

Another land surveying equipment worth assessing is that the GPS surveying. GPS in full is the Global Positioning system, and it is an awesome technology even though it has a reputation for not being the most precise land surveying gear. Though GPS has increased the speed used in surveying, the GPS systems are just horizontally accurate to about 20mm and in terms of vertical accuracy, 30mm. In addition, the GPS systems may not work well in heavily wooded regions. In the majority of cases, surveyors will nonetheless need to rely on their total stations together with other gear such as the laser scanners where a person has a limited budget, a helicopter which has a GPS system will verify that the things on the ground.

The most innovative equipment is still limited even though the equipment used by land surveyors have been changing and advancing by leaps and bounds in the last two decades or so. Land surveying remains an art and at no stage can the tech replace the expertise and ability of a property surveyor. The surveyor should investigate and see which true boundaries of any property are using some historical information and the technology they have.

Even with the above list of land survey equipment that are used by land surveyors, it does not include the vast list of tools required.

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