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By | June 19, 2018

Useful Information On The Concept Of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is similar to other aspects in life, and each one of them has an explanation on its existence. Benjamin Franklin, an American was the first person to come up with the idea of daylight saving time. Note that it has an exciting history from the period it was initially thought of during the ancient times, to the manner in which people can make use of the daytime hours during winter. It is right to learn that daylight saving time is part of our tradition today to the methods of altering the clocks as the days become short. The ancient civilizations employed the same argument on yearly basis, making sure there was enough time for farming, outdoor activities among other practices.

Benjamin Franklin was moving an envoy to France, when presented the current daylight saving concept. It is good to learn that franklin wrote a letter to the United States noting that the people in Paris were saving the candle energy by ensuring that they are up early in the morning which enabled them to use the time in the best way possible. In reaction to Benjamin Franklin’s letter, the government imposed taxes on shutters and restricted the use of candles with the aim of encouraging the people to use the available time during the day to build the economy of the nation thus competing favorably with France economy.

Franklin was challenged on how to ensure that the taxes on the Americans were not too high but at the same time he lacked explanation on what they should do and when they should do it. The the idea of changing clocks was born, and the program of many people was altered without them noticing and this made them get out of bed early.

In 1895, an entomologist developed the daylight saving time that is employed in the modern world. He claimed that he had more daylight hours to gather insects instead of having to operate in the dark during winter. The United States decided to apply daylight saving time after the time zones were established in 1918.

Some of the contributing factors that led the federal government to regulate and establish the time schedules include the expansion of the railroad and the drive to the west. Note that while some of the states were willing to embraced daylight saving time argument, other people were not accepting the idea of interfering with their regular program. For most of the regions that honor daylight saving time concept, the clocks are reset to standard time on the first Sunday in November and then pushed one hour forward the second Sunday in March before spring occur.

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